The Making Of Visa Credit Card And Its Protocol

The Making Of Visa Credit Card And Its Protocol

Make a Visa credit cards and protocols

At present, there are various credit card brands on the market. One of the most popular brands is Visa credit cards. However, there are business cards offered as debit cards. This is a very different problem. This is a short name from VISA or the Visa International Services Association based in San Francisco, California. It is a joint business company of twenty thousand financial institutions. Issuance and sale of Visa products.

The introduction of visa cards took place in 1976. It was called BankAmericacard. Bank of America is the publisher of BankAmericacard, which has other international names. That was before the introduction of the Visa brand. Visa cards include BankAmericacard's motives. The gold and blue logo of the Visa card represents California's golden hill color and sky blue.

Bank Alliances in Canada, such as the Imperial Commercial Bank of Canada, Nova Bank, Royal Bank of Canada and Toronto-Dominion Bank, issue Visa cards for Chargex. French visas currently issued continue to use the BankAmericacard logo. In France it is called Cart Bleue, which means a blue card. The only BankAmericacard publisher in the UK is Barclaycard.

There are three types of Visa cards. Debit cards paid through savings accounts or checking accounts. Credit cards that are paid monthly with a reasonable interest rate. Prepaid cards that are paid through cash accounts and without written checks.

There are two protocols that have been developed to standardize user services. The International Visa Association has recorded debit and credit based on the Visa card they sell.

Visa credit cards use the credit protocol. Cards can be used in bank centers or at POS (sales terminals) after displaying the Visa logo. This contains the cardholder's signature. Credit cards can be used by Visa card holders even though they are sold as prepaid cards or debit cards. The reason is the Visa logo is printed on the front of the card.

Consumers are sometimes confused with the word credit and debit. Well, the words don't have to depend on what the dictionary says about it. This is because debit cards can still be used for credit transactions. In this case, fake names are displayed where credit cards are only used for loans, while debit records are only used for account verification. Banks actually choose several methods of managing bills. They make "debit" common synonyms for Plus / Interlink, while "credit" is a common synonym for visas and other cards with the same system as American Express, MasterCard and Discover Card.

The association includes the following rules for the development of Visa credit cards.

-For security for every transaction. Card holders are identified by their signatures when using their Visa credit card.

- This will explain how banks reject transactions and work with banks to prevent fraud.

- Provides standard protection against fraud and misidentification, which is not discriminatory.

The founder of the VISA Company, Dee Hock, believes that the use of the word visa is immediately recognized in various languages ​​and countries. In addition, this also means general acceptance. However, users need to know the rules to avoid conflict when using a Visa credit card.

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